Giselle Kramer

Chief Operations & Legal Officer | Toowong

About Giselle Kramer

Giselle is a founding member of NGU Real Estate and she has been with NGU since its inception.

Giselle is incredibly passionate about the company's mantra, "Never Give Up" as she, like so many of us, has experienced adversity.

Giselle Kramer graduated law school here in Queensland with Honours from QUT and was admitted to the practice of law in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2002. With degrees in both business and law, Giselle has worked in private practice and the corporate sector over the course of her career.

She has first hand experience in property development having assisted in the completion of over $100,000,000 worth of property developments. In addition Giselle has acted as general counsel, as well as in an advisory capacity on the board of both public and private proprietary limited companies.