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NGU Real Estate specialises in developing market-disruptive campaigns that seek to constantly innovate and deliver above expected results.

NGU Real Estate agents have the ability to guide customers while providing many additional services thanks to the support of a strong network of internal companies.

By entrusting us with your property for sale or rent, you receive visibility from 100% of the market, allowing you to perform your transaction at the best price and in a timely manner.

Our comprehensive mix of in-depth professional services supports our Real Estate business enabling us as a team to shape our path in pursuit of particular markets and the results expected, tightening the perceived link between our actions and results, and intensifying our motivation to perform.

How we have set up our business gives us the advantage to be proactive ensuring we never miss an opportunity for our sellers.
In every environment we ensure the companies we invest in delivering a paradigm-shifting experience in their market, always staying ahead.

We create a journey through your property for buyers not only to see it but to feel it, creating a strong emotional connection achieving the top price.

NGU Marketing Methods

Marketing is a process by which a property is introduced and promoted to potential buyers to increase the awareness of the property. In order to successfully sell your property at the highest price it solely relies on a strong and aggressive marketing campaign.

Without effective marketing, you can miss out on attracting the right buyer who is willing to pay that premium price for your property.

There are many platforms that can be utilised for increasing awareness of your property which include:

  • Real Estate internet portals
  • Professional Photography & Videography
  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • Signage boards
  • Flyers & letterbox drops
  • Interactive floorplans

Without effective marketing, your potential buyers will not know about your home, dramatically reducing your sale price.


First class presentation along with a strong marketing campaign can increase the sale price up to 10%. We will work with you to ensure every detail of both the inside and outside of your house is perfect. A few simple techniques and changes can make all the difference; remember the first impression is the most important.

Key points to consider:

  • Tidy up and mulch your front garden. Repair any aspects that need attention, brush away any dirt and cobwebs.
  • Buyers don’t want to see old trophies, cluttered benchtops or your bills on the fridge, so be ruthless and get rid of all everyday mess and personal items on display throughout your home. Creating open, uncluttered living spaces invites buyers to “move in” in their imagination and clears the way for an easier sell.
  • Scrub up your kitchen and bathrooms, look up at the ceilings and clean any cobwebs. Blinds and skirting boards and door frames can often get neglected.
  • Be neutral, you want people talking about your fantastic home, not your neon orange feature wall. Crisp white bed linen offers buyers a chance to see your home as a blank canvas where they could picture themselves living comfortably.
  • Lighten up your home, trim shrubbery that may be blocking out the light.
  • The outdoor space is just as important, so don’t neglect your garden if you want to grow your sale price. Fix fences, pressure clean paths, and pavers, and get rid of any junk around the side of the house.

Sales Methods

Private Treaty

A private treaty sale occurs when a property is listed for sale with an asking price. The buyer will make an offer to the agent, who will then present that offer to the seller, who can then decide whether to accept the offer. This is the most common method of sale and can be very successful if priced correctly.

Expressions of Interest

Prospective buyers are invited to make offers by a specific time and date over a marketing campaign spanning several weeks, but the buyer and seller can reach an agreement before then. Serious buyers put forward their best and final offer in writing, which can include terms and conditions such as settlement dates and financial conditions. If no acceptable offers are received by the EOI closing date, the property could go back onto the market for private sale.


Auction is the recommended method of sale for a property that is extremely hard to price. If you price it too high you will not attract the right buyers. If you price it too low, then you are potentially missing out on a significant amount of money in your pocket.

Professional Photography and Videography

Professional photos are vital for the sale of your home. Buyers need to be attracted to the home very quickly. Professional photos will showcase the best features of your home and capture the attention of more buyers. Pictures say a thousand words.

Professional videography combined with the use of Drone footage is an exciting and innovative way to advertise your property while capturing breathtaking aerial shots, this allows people to have a true understanding of the home without needing to be present.

On average our videos receive up to 100x more viewings than normal property videos. NGU's unique videos showcase and highlight the character of your home capturing and creating the emotional connection of the buyer from the first sight.

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