About Reza Askari

What sets Reza apart from his peers is his highly approachable nature and undeniable integrity.

Bringing years of experience in the Military, and an abundance of life experience, he prides himself on his dedication and charisma. His strong work ethics are key to the success he brings to the team. Being an investor, Landlord and Tenant, Reza has firsthand experience in all sides of a real estate transaction

Reza’s enthusiasm, unwavering commitment and hard work does not go unnoticed by our clients.  He is hands on ensuring that every Team Moses listing has the administrative support required behind the scene to achieve the best experience possible for buyers and sellers alike.

When Reza is not fulfilling his passion of helping people buy and sell real estate he is ensuing his passion of cooking up gourmet meals, Lifting Weights and spending time with his son Mateo.

Reza Askari's Properties